I didn’t see him coming but I sure did see him go
Like the light that dies in summer with the coming of a winter snow
Its confusing me

I found him in a scratch card that I picked up off the street
I thought I might have won a tenner but then millions fell in front of my feet
Its confusing me

He didn’t come alone though he came riding in a side car
With a distant gentleman who I refused to take seriously
Now he's confusing me

I must not entertain him lest I compromise myself
And anything that may arise from compromising his emotional health
He's already confused and I don’t need confusing anymore

His skins the kind of skin that drives me up the fucking wall
Its like it closes in around me and transports me up to heaven
And his eyes are like dreams that are using me
God its confusing me

I want to feel him cradled up against me
I wanna feel his fears release inside my grip and just for the night
Let him use me

Well Im confused and I am carefully protecting without thinking what could be
If I imagine he was mine and could pack up and live with me
If I let too many ideas present themselves in front of me
We’ll get confused and into trouble and it will not be the first time

Theres a million conversations going on inside my head
About the reasons why I should or shouldn’t get you into bed
And if my beds our destination then theres things we’ve overlooked
And the way your looking at me now its clear that we are fucked

I didn’t see him coming but I sure did see him go
I didn’t see him coming onto me and now I know
Why he didn’t close the door when he walked away
He wants me to follow him and I want him to stay

I want him to pretend just for a while I am in his bed
And life was easy and he knew that it was me he loved instead
And then wake up from the dream and go back to the man he's perfect for
This fairytales amusing me but fuck its confusing

So baby think of me with fondness think of me with you
And let your body daydream with those big old eyes so blue
We were not to be its not our destiny
I didn’t see you coming but I wanted you to be the one

Who’d finally get down upon his knee and make an honest man of me
I see our future and its shining brightly
You’re not ready for me, i'm ready for you
Our universes aren’t aligned, our timing, well, its not in time

So fuck the happy ending but I wish it all so well
I am a much better man for having met you what the hell
You would be better off inside of me than skirting my periphery
But love you from afar I will and not assume you’ll come for me

But I wish you all you want and if one day that should be me
I cant promise I’ll be single but I promise you that I will be
Everything you ever wanted, everything you need and Love Will Win


from Unsolicited Material: L​.​A., released July 27, 2018
Written and produced by Declan Bennett
Recorded at Studio City Sound LA
Guitar and Vox - Declan Bennett
Keys - Jared Stein
Bass - Joel Gottschalk
Drums - Chris Jago


all rights reserved



Declan Bennett London, UK

'Declan is the real thing. He sings from the heart, and I defy anyone not to be touched by his songs' – Linda Thompson

Actor/ Singer/ Songwriter Declan Bennett : An artist who continues to carve out a fiercely independent path, constantly evolving, impossible to pigeonhole.

His newest EP, the second in the trilogy, ‘Unsolicited Material:NYC’ is out now.
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